Muses are catalysts of creation and our mission is to connect people to their purpose through exceptional digital platform performance one moment at a time.

Digital platforms today are entwined between us providing the connective tissue to hold our communities, our families, our selves together at a time of great need.


We believe that people can find themselves through doing and embracing digital platforms and thus deliver products and services at Muse Platforms to serve as a catalyst to assist in their efforts.

We strive to ensure all our digital products and services illuminate the digital world with accessibility, authenticity, integrity and reliability.

We are a consortium of thinkers, artists, technologists, engineers, and organizers that bring with us a multi-disciplined approach to developing your business in the digital world.


Below, please let me introduce you to some of our members:

Muse Platforms Advisory Board 

Karen Brophy
Chief Strategic Advisor

As a foremost thought leader in the Broadcasting & Media industry & CEO of LAKANA, Karen leads our team of advisors in evolving the mission and vision of our organization

Fred Hayden
Marketing Advisor

A former Apple executive and product innovator at Johnson & Johnson, Fred combines his strengths in marketing and advertising to advise us in telling our story to the world.

Vivek Sukhthankar
Oracle Advisor

As Chief Architect of the Oracle Cloud, Vivek works closely with our technology team for the innovation of our managed hosting offerings

Muse Platforms Leadership Team

Colleen Nagle
Founder & President

Colleen Nagle founded and leads our organization to drive our mission and vision. Her background in leading agencies, social justice organizations, and experience as a marketing technology architect provides our clients with the guidance they need to drive a triple bottom line in the digital world. 

Lloyd White
VP Solutions Leader

Our clients each have a unique set of digital requirements.  Lloyd's team of directors develop a client specific solution that address those needs and ensure customer satisfaction.

Samuel White Swan-Perkins
Chief Diversity Officer, Head of Brand Experience

Sam provides solutions, cultural insight, and direction to the complex problems our clients present. He bridges the gap between the customers we partner with and our people.

Malin Coleridge
Chief Data Officer

Malin is our data science leader devising strategy for our innovation products and digital marketing services. Her team provides our clients with direct actionable insights that can immediately improve revenue.

Randy Rasmussen
Chief Creative Officer

Randy is a Creative Leader behind Muse Platforms. Randy’s team provides the gamut of branding and design services for our clients.

Redwolf Painter
Chief Cloud Officer

Redwolf leads our SaaS Development & Cloud Operations.

Muse Platforms Key Members 

Jess Rowland

Jess is our artist-in-residence in our innovation practice helping us think outside the box as we future-think the applications of our technology solutions

Leah Elton
Full Charge Bookkeeper & Accounting Maven

Leah manages all bookkeeping A/P and forecasting for our organization to ensure compliance and due diligence of Muse financials.

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