Muse Platforms streamlined enterprise adobe experience cloud solution to increase customer's participation & revenue in alignment with their marketing strategy

Palo Alto Networks aimed to increase revenue through the use of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

PANW needed to configure, integrate, and operate all products in the Adobe Experience Cloud (AEM, Target, Analytics, Social, Media Optimizer, Audience Manager) to execute multi-channel, predictive, as well as next best message marketing campaigns and tactics in order to grow revenue.


Key Use Case: As a customer, I want to be provided with the next best recommended security resource on any channel (Email, Display, Web/Mobile)

In solving the challenges, Muse Platforms delivered the following:


  • Established Product Development road map for PANW

  • Established working integrations across each product with a focus on paths to support omni-channel communication.

  • Developed key Integration with Adobe Target Recommendations across web, mobile, and display channels to provide site and mobile vast increases in customer participation.

  • Establish enablement program so as to increase adoption rate of product within PANW leadership and staff.

  • Optimize customer experiences across web and mobile.

In launching new Adobe Experience Cloud Architecture, PANW was able to:


  • Increase on-site customer participation

  • Drive new lead generation and nurture campaigns

  • Drive account based marketing strategy across web and mobile

  • Enable team to adopt Adobe technology faster and build out internal support for the experience cloud.

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