Muse Platforms developed personalization site with analytics to support segmentation and targeting to align with their media strategy

Legacy website system that was not mobile friendly with limited ability to support digital media campaigns.


About 400 pages and proxy pages, mobile standalone pages and email landing pages not connected to the site.


Inability to tracking web metrics with analytics to capture buying behavior and website experience for remarketing.


Reduce independent IT and slow creative content creation process and costs with third party creative agencies.


Inability to speak to customers and non-customers with the right message at the right time with the right offer.


Partnered with technology and marketing leaders to understand digital roadmap to align with media campaigns.


Develop a plan for a website personalization with AEM to align offers with media buying and audiences using the Data Management Platform with dynamic phone, chat tracking and web order tracking.


Implement Adobe Analytics on the entire website and order buy flow and centralize all third party tags on Adobe DTM to assist with site remarketing and shopping cart abandonment remarketing. 


Use Adobe Analytics to capture all digital media campaigns into an Omni-channel structure and build out reporting for marketing to utilize in their optimization strategy and marketing dashboard.


Reduce redundancies with multiple vendors to build mobile and email landing pages and creative assets with AEM.

Faster time to market with offers: Enabled web ops to publish web content on-demand through a more consistent, responsive digital experience using pre-defined templates that were mobile responsive.


Enhanced User Experience:  Simplified website with dynamic content that supported the media advertising to provide a seamless experience using AEM to provide correct offers to audiences. 


Faster ROI through Optimization:  developed a simplified & flexible order flow with ability to implement 3rd party pixels in minutes and fire remarketing pixels.


Improved brand visibility: Increased marketing effectiveness and viewership through relevant ads and promotions.

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