Muse Platforms' mission is to provide innovation, insight, and impact in the digital world. We value diversity and are committed to treating all people with dignity, integrity, and transparency in our actions.

Muse Platforms is a boutique agency of business advisors with deep expertise in marketing and technology. We enable companies to bridge the gaps between today's world and tomorrow's to transform themselves from within and become the change they want to be by driving up revenue, social impact, and diversity across their business.

We partner with you to build and mature your capacity to operate across the brick & mortar and digital worlds.

Muse Platforms answers your call to transform your business to innovate, and create insight and impact for your brand using marketing and technology.

We offer two types of services:

Marketing Technology Transformation Program

We are constructing the digital bridges that connect today's world with tomorrow's. Muse Platforms provides technology enabled business transformation services that drives revenue, social impact, and diversity across the enterprise. Our program is interdisciplinary with four main focuses:

Insider Analytics

Marketing Content Improvement

Technology Enablement

Technology Innovation

Our business advisors enable you to grow your marketing pipeline, sales conversions, and audience engagement while lowering the cost per visit, lead, and order in the digital world. We set our course forward by first developing your multi-disciplined technology road map and marketing blueprint. Then, we provide you with a diverse team with the right skills, at the right time, in the right channel to transform your business.

We see the following key pain points as themes in our work:

Problems to Solve - Siloed Environments

Solution: Marketing Technology Transformation Program - Analytics Focus

Muse sees the need to break down the internal barriers that lead to transformation through the use of Analytics.

Example - Ubisoft

Problem to Solve - Better use of Creative across marketing channels

Solution: Marketing Technology Transformation Program - Content Focus

Example - POM

Problem to Solve - Knowledge gaps in your marketing and engineering technology teams

Solution: Technology Enablement Transformation Program - Enablement Focus

Provide the expertise through enablement that leads to technology adoption.

Example - Orvis

Problem to Solve - Realize the ROI from your Adobe Marketing Cloud Investment

Solution: Marketing Technology Transformation Program - Artificial Intelligence Focus

Provide Innovation Services to mature digital experiences

Example - Palo Alto Networks

Marketing Cloud Installation & Managed Services

We partner with Adobe Systems to bring you the finest consulting services to install and manage your marketing cloud technology to realize the value of your investment.

Adobe Analytics Cloud (Analytics, Target, and Audience Manager)

Adobe Campaign

Adobe Experience Manager

Problem to Solve - Increase Revenue and Digital Footprint

Solution: Marketing Cloud Installation & Managed Services

Example - Cookies Kids

Problem to Solve - Lack of Organizational Capacity in Analytics

Solution: Marketing Cloud Installation & Managed Services

Provide Managed Services to mature digital operations.

Example - The Children's Place

Problem to Solve - Flying Blind

Lack of Insight in Digital Business

Solution: Marketing Cloud Installation & Managed Services

Example - Cablevision

Problem to Solve - Improve Technology Stack

Better use of technology to improve customer experience

Solution - Marketing Cloud Installation & Managed Services

Example - iZotope.

Marketing Draft

There used to be this thing called marketing. We would design print collateral, in store signage, and use broadcast media that would deliver a message to the consumer that we wanted them to hear it as it was "our" business and very linear.

Well, fortunately, we do still call it marketing, as the goal is to influence people to obtain your product or service, but now marketing has an enormous open mind. We still use the channels described above, we just use them in different ways and add a large amount to it that creates an actual user experience where not only physically, but digitally they can "hold your brand in their hand" across multiple devices with a message they want to hear.

Still having trouble? We use Technology and Transformation together with Marketing to capture data, analyze it, create strategies, and define our customer base which hands down develops more relevant leads than any method used before. And even better, we aren't just developing more leads, but we are also converting a larger percentage of your target market by honing in on a massive scale.

Transformation draft

At Muse Platforms we understand that the Transformation of your business should be the core of your thinking process in this age. Look at Transformations as the governing body of your Marketing and Technology. Transformation is the continued process of adopting Technology to your workflow while seamlessly continuing to adapt your Marketing approach. This is done by knowing when or when not to, but most of all understanding disruptive Technology and Marketing strategies as they are changing business models and becoming more productive at an optimum level, all while using the consumer centric overall model of behavior. Transformation is creating a "Perfect Circle" being in the center as Marketing and Technology revolve around it in an ever-adapting way.

In this new Marketing industry, it is all about timing. There is always a "moment" when certain Technology shines. Knowing that precise timing is what makes you a leader in this business. We at Muse Platforms strive to always stick with best Technology and Marketing has to offer. Sometimes it stays and sometimes it goes away, but what stays is always getting updated and you need a partner that can keep up for you in a lasting relationship.

Transformation is a mindset that is the core of infusing constant innovation, on point Marketing decisions and the integration of it all internally and externally so a company can provide more value add and spend less.

People tend to tune out noise and listen to feelings and in some cases consumers are starting to generate the best content about brands. As Transformation leaders in this industry we need to tap into the narrative and let them tell their own stories in their own way, while at the same time give them their own unique experiences using all of the data and analytics we capture. Through Transformation is how analytics and creative become one.

Muse Platforms is transforming brick and mortar businesses into digital companies. Depending on stage and maturity of business, our Transformation services include:

Brand Strategy

Technology Road maps

Marketing Blueprints

Enablement Services

Social Impact & Economic Justice (Accessibility, Diversity, and Inclusion)

Artificial Intelligence Staff Augmentation

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